Kindergruppe Trachtenverein Hammergau-Ainring: Adorable Kids Doing a German Folk Dance

Your weekly listen for Wednesday, November 4 is this adorable video of Kindergruppe Trachtenverein Hammergau-Ainring performing a traditional style German folk dance in beautiful costumes!

Hand clapping and foot slapping are hallmarks of German folk dance. Notice the fancy footwork (called Schuhplattler) in the second section! Another feature that distinguishes German dances is that a great number of them are in waltz or 3/4 time. Do you notice how the rhythm in this piece changes just before the foot-slapping section? The first section of music is in 4/4 time – that is, with the accent every fourth beat – and the second, in 3/4, with the accent on every third beat. See if you cn you hear the difference. Grown-ups might be surprised to learn that these distinctions are often easier for children to make.

You’ll probably notice that the music for this piece is performed entirely on two accordions. A traditional German instrument, also known as a ‘squeezebox’, the accordion combines a bellows system with a keyboard to create chords and melody.

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