A Train Stop In Hungary: Music Modelling at its Best!

A Train Stop in Hungary (Latcho Drom)

From the mesmerizing film “Latcho Drom” (the story of the gypsies as told through song and dance).

You know how, when you’re doing something serious and grown-up, the kids just always seem to want to get in the middle of it? Like if you’re trying to balance the budget or look up something business related on the computer, or talk to your lawyer on the phone? They can sense when you’re giving something your full concentration and that’s how they know it’s important. I contrast this with the way some parents (not you, of course) sometimes are in music class, half-heartedly wagging a maraca while chatting with the mom next to them. You really think your kids are going to take this music stuff seriously?

Here, in this video, you will see the kind of enthusiasm that will let kids know that music is real, important grown-up stuff. Imagine if this was happening in your living room every weekend!

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